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  • Rockwool Suspended Ceiling
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    الأسقف المعلقة الصوتية والجمالية ذات السقف المعلق المعدني Glş
  • Metal Suspended Ceiling
    أنظمة الأسقف المعلقة المعدنية
    السقف المعدني المعلق Glş الأسقف المعلقة الصوتية المركبة
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مصنع GLS للسقف المعلق في تركيا ، إعلانات عن إنتاجنا ومنتجاتنا

Aluminum Sheets are electrostatic powder painted (polyester-based) ceiling panels after drilling, cutting and bending processes in accordance with TS EN 13964 standard. Special carrier systems are used to fix these panels to the ceiling. We also manufacture GLŞ metal suspended ceiling carrier systems.

— Aluminium Rolled Plates are ceiling panels glş asma tavan icon

We produce aluminum ceiling panels in our factory in Turkey. We are a company that exports suspended ceilings all over the world. As a manufacturer of Glş Suspended Ceiling aluminum suspended ceiling panels, we produce metal suspended ceilings in accordance with quality standards for aesthetic appearance.

— Aluminum suspended ceiling manufacturing glş asma tavan icon

Aluminum ceiling panels; It has advantages such as flame retardancy, corrosion prevention, moisture proof and acoustics, easy installation and disassembly. Areas of use are office ceilings, conference hall ceilings, airport ceilings, train station ceilings, subway stations ceilings, shopping mall ceilings, hospital ceilings.

— Suspended ceiling models glş asma tavan icon

We produce in the Metal Suspended Ceiling Systems group; production of suspended lay-in suspended ceiling, clip-in suspended ceiling (30x30 - 60x60), 60x60 seated lay-on ceiling systems.

— Metal Suspended Ceiling Systems glş asma tavan icon

As a result of our efforts in the metal suspended ceiling sector for years, we continue to produce many types of suspended ceilings and new generation suspended ceiling models.

— Turkey Suspended Ceiling Systems glş asma tavan icon

We regularly conduct our tests and experiments within the framework of TSE standards. We manufacture TS EN 13964 standard, A1 class fire-reacting powder coated metal suspended ceiling.

— TSE Certified Suspended Ceiling glş asma tavan icon

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